First Responders


Behlmann Automotive knows just how important our First Responders are for our community. The Police and Firefighters who come when we are in danger, the EMS who rush to us when we are injured or sick, the Hospital staff who care for us when minutes count, and the brave Military personnel who are constantly at the ready to react in times of national or weather emergencies. Everyone in the Lincoln County area live more safely because of their efforts and sacrifices, and we are very grateful.

We encourage everyone to say "thank you" to one of these First Responders when given the chance.  Because when given the chance, they will rush to our aid, every time.

So from everyone at Behlmann Automotive to every First Responder, thank you for all you do for this community!



  • Monday 8AM-6:00PM
  • Tuesday 8AM-6:00PM
  • Wednesday 8AM-6:00PM
  • Thursday 8AM-6:00PM
  • Friday 8AM-6:00PM
  • Saturday 8AM-4:30PM
  • Sunday Closed
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